To Our Valued Sponsors,

Many companies like yours have supported past Recovery of Biological Products Conferences. Their financial contributions have been used to subsidize the attendance of academics, special invited speakers, and students, who all have provided substantial scientific insight into downstream process development.

Your support for the next conference, Recovery of Biological Products XX in 2024, is just as important. This invitation-only conference series has, for nearly three decades, been acknowledged as the leading international forum for the presentation and discussion of new insights and advances in the purification of biological products. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn of the latest developments in downstream processing and an open forum for scientific and intellectual exchange among leaders of industry, government and academia. Recovery of Biological Products acts as a focal point for the discussion, evolution and dissemination of best practice in recovery processes and on the genesis of novel, cutting edge interdisciplinary technologies and ideas.

We request that you consider sponsoring the conference with an amount consistent with the impact of conference. Typical donation levels are on the order of $20,000. We will send you a letter upon the receipt of your donation. The Conference Series is dependent on financial sponsorship from industry. Academic participants and invited speakers are vital to keeping a balance between theory and practice, exploration and development, and to provide a continuous, innovative flow of ideas that will bring long term benefit. Recovery XX, like all other conferences in the series, is a non-profit event operating on a balanced budget: your donation is required to enable the rich diverse discussion during Recovery XX.

To enable your contribution, we provide you with a link to our Official Sponsorship Letter, which includes the conference information provided above and also provides the federal ID number for the Recovery of Biological Products, which operates under the Biochemical Technology Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS). We also provide a link to our Commitment to Sponsorship Form, which should be completed as part of your donation submission. Details on the submission process are provided within that form.Those wishing to complete their sponsorship on-line may do so through the secure site available here.