Governance and Board

The Recovery Conference Series is overseen by a non-renumerated Board having fiduciary responsibility and oversight of the organization of the Recovery Series, including the upcoming meeting. The Board is charged with ensuring the continuity, agenda and status of the Conference Series, and maintaining the exceptional scientific and technological standards of the Conference Series. It also manages long-term strategy, policy and programming vision.

In 2012 the Board implemented a Governance Charter regulating the roles and responsibilities of Board Members and Conference Co-Chairs, as well as its internal organization and relationship with the American Chemical Society.

The Board has nine Ordinary Members, including a Chair and a Secretary-Treasurer, all of whom are previous Conference Co-Chairs. A Nominations Committee makes proposals to the Board for the appointment of Co-Chairs of the next meeting, as well as membership on a Strategy Committee and an IT Committee. The Nominations Committee also recommends individuals for appointment as Ordinary or Emeriti Board Members who are still active in the field of recovery sciences.

The Board convenes during the Current Recovery Meeting, and may convene in the interim as required, usually in association with ACS National Meetings.

Ordinary Board Members as of April 2019

Jon Coffman, AstraZeneca, United States, Chair
Steven Cramer, RPI, United States
Jean Bender, Visterra, Inc., United States, Secretary-Treasurer
Juergen Hubbuch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Arne Staby, Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark
Philip Lester, Genentech, United States
Günter Jagschies, Gemini BioProcessing, Germany
David Roush, Merck and Co., Inc., United States
Charles Haynes, University of British Columbia, Canada