RXIX - Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

NEW We have now created a secure upload link for E-posters which you can use rather than emailing them. Please submit via this link:
RXIX E-Poster Upload Link

If you have been selected as a poster presenter, your E-Poster will only be displayed electronically on large digital touch screens (PORTRAIT orientation), also known as E-Poster stations (see image provided). Therefore, you will not need to bring a paper copy of the poster with you, nor print one in Rome. But it is essential that you submit a PDF copy of your E-Poster to Cate Marr at recovery@teamprecision.com in advance of the conference to enable the AV team to set up the screens for the conference. The deadline for submission of E-Posters is 30 June 2022.

Please prepare your poster with a PORTRAIT orientation (9:16) for optimal viewing on the digital display screens on-site that are tall and narrow. Please check the section below titled “E-Poster Preparation” for further technical requirements for the E-Posters.

Each poster will be assigned to one of the poster sessions on either Monday 11 July or Wednesday 13 July. In your designated session, you will stand by your E-Poster screen to present and discuss your work.

Please note that the E-posters will be available for viewing throughout the conference on selected screens. Please also note that copying/taking pictures of posters without permission is not allowed and will be sanctioned.

If your poster has also been selected for a poster snapshot talk, please make the E-Poster as described here. And in addition, please follow the requirements for the poster snapshot talk: i.e. 3 slides (in addition to the title slide) and no more than 5 minutes for your poster snapshot talk.

E-Poster Preparation

Please prepare your E-Poster using the following technical requirements:

  • Orientation: PORTRAIT (vertical), Single Page Document
  • File format: Posters must be saved and submitted as a PDF
  • PDF file name: PDF files must be named with the presenter’s full name in this format “Firstname Surname E-Poster.pdf” e.g. “Jane Smith E-Poster.pdf”
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • Dimensions in cm: 67.5 cm width, 120.5 cm height
  • Dimensions in pixels: Minimum recommended size is 1080 px width x 1920 px height
  • Minimum DPI: 300 pixels/inch
  • Maximum File Size: TBC
  • Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the E-Poster.
  • Multimedia: Videos may be included in the E-Poster if needed. (In order to embed videos in a PDF please use Adobe Acrobat Pro and add mp4 files encoded with H.264 codec)
  • Zoom: All digital touch screens have zoom capabilities
  • NEW Recommended font sizes: Suggested font sizes are as follows: section headings (48pt), body copy (32pt), figures and table titles (24pt), figure axes (18pt).
  • NEW E-Poster Template: You can download the E-Poster template that is set up for 9:16 with the suggested font sizes indicated as an illustration. The template is just a guide and using the template is NOT mandatory.

Deadline for submitting your E-Poster: 30 June 2022.