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 Abstract Submission and application submission has closed for Recovery of Biological Products XVI Conference. 
The Recovery of Biological Products XVI co-chairs are excited to present the scientific program of the meeting to be held in Rostock, Germany from July 27-31, 2014. Under the theme of “Exploring the Boundaries to Recovery Science” we will take conference attendees on a journey from solutions to today’s issues to a vision for Recovery in 2050. Keynotes will connect all presentations to a daily theme, which is explored via oral presentations, posters, and workshops.
Recovery of Biological Products XVI Program
Exploring the Boundaries of Recovery Sciences
Sunday, July 27, 2014: The Next Frontier
Registration opens at 12PM, opening reception at 2:30, program start at 3:30
Future Strategies (Günther Jagschies and Dorothee Ambrosius)  
Downstream Inventions for the Big Picture Jonathan Coffman (Boehringer Ingelheim)
Vaccine globalization: Lessons learned for bioprocess development and biomanufacturing Hari Pujar (Merck)
Transforming Pharmaceutical Manufacturing through Continuous Manufacturing Charles Cooney (MIT)
Evening Keynote  
DARPA Dr. Geoffrey Ling (DARPA)
                                    Monday, July 28, 2014: Charting the Course
                                      Predicting Purification Success from… (Yang Wang)
A new rFVIII molecule: Combining molecular design and downstream processing to increase homogeneity Haleh Ahmadian (Novo Nordisk A/S)
Ensuring Viral Clearance Success for Non-platform Processes Lisa Connell-Crowley (Amgen)
Computational Modeling: Insights into Molecular Biophysics to Advance and Improve Biologics Purification David Roush (Merck & Co., Inc.)
Implementation of QbD in Process Development of a Diverse Portfolio of Products Joanne Beck (Shire Human Genetic Therapies)
                                                      Daily Keynote (speaker TBD)
                                        Data Mining and Modeling (Bernt Nilsson and John Pieracci)
Data Mining Full Scale Production Data for Continuing Process Validation Victor Goetz (ImClone Systems)
Managing large amounts of data coming from continuous biomanufacturing processes Marc Bisschops (Tarpon Biosystems)
Whole-process evaluation of operating windows and critical process parameters Ajoy Velayudhan (University College London)
                                                    Poster Session I (Charles Haynes, Abraham Lenhoff, Brian Kelley)

                                    Tuesday, July 29, 2014: Exploring New Modalities and Concepts

                                      Purifying New Molecular Modalities I (Todd Przybycien and Britt Gren Sjøholm)
Building scalable and clinical-grade downstream strategies for human mesenchymal stem cells Margarida Serra (IBET/ITQB-UNL)
Laboratory Scale Platforms to Accelerate the Development of Particle Conditioning Steps for Prokaryotically Expressed Vaccine Products Alex Berrill (Pfizer, Inc.)
The quest for cell based process for flu vaccine. Piotr Wnukowski (Crucell Holland BV)
Multimodal Chromatography for Purification of Nucleic Acids Leif Bulow (Lund University)
                                                        Daily Keynote
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine: A Growing New Product Pipeline with Opportunities and Challenges Alan Trounson (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine)
                                    Purifying New Molecular Modalities II  (Pete Tessier and Ganesh Vedantham)
The Challenges of Developing Processes for New Protein Formats Kurt Lang (Roche Diagnostics GmbH)
Development and scale-up of a commercializable two chain immunotoxin fed batch refolding process Thomas Linke (MedImmune)
Development of a Purification Platform for Fully Human Bispecific Antibodies Andrew Tustian (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)
                                    Workshops (four parallel sessions)
                                        How Pure is Pure Enough  (Bill Wang, Jace Fogle and Josefine Persson)
                                        Muddling through the morass: making sense of data and models at different scales
                                        (Ajoy Velayudhan, Karol Lacki, and Victor Goetz)
                                        Partnership (Uwe Gottschalk, Joey Studts, Hanne Bak)
                                        Comparability (Arne Staby, Victor Vinci and Hari Pujar)
                                    Production Concepts (Jens Vogel and Suzanne Farid)
Integrated and fully continuous processing of recombinant therapeutic proteins – from cell culture media to purified drug substance Veena warikoo (Genzyme Corporation)
Continuous chromatography: the good, the bad, and the unexpected Oliver Kaltenbrunner (Amgen)
Column-free process, the future of downstream processing Michael Dieterle (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG)
Evaluating new capture technologies within the context of manufacturability and process economics ALEX XENOPOULOS (Merck Millipore)
                                  Wednesday, July 30, 2014: Exploring the Boundaries to Drug Delivery
                                    Protein interactions, phase behavior and rheology (Andy Ramelmeier and Matthew Westoby)
Predictive Approaches for Protein Phase Behavior     Sven Amrhein (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Scattering and Microscopy Studies of the Microstructure of Amorphous Protein Dense Phases Abraham Lenhoff (University of Delaware)
Engineering, characterizing and formulating aggregation-resistant antibodies Peter Tessier (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Towards a Platform, Continuous-ready, Precipitation-based Process for High Concentration Recombinant Protein Recovery Todd Przybycien (Carnegie Mellon University)
                                    Daily Keynote
Future Directions in Drug Delivery and Intelligent/Responsive Materials Nicholas Peppas (University of Texas)
                                    Recovery Science 2050, Visions in Academia (Steve Cramer and Nigel Titchener-Hooker)
A Highly Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Discovery and Manufacturing of Therapeutic Antibodies Charles Haynes (University of British Columbia)
Purification 2050: The Single-Molecule Perspective Richard Willson (University of Houston)
Integrated and scalable cyto-technology (InSCyT) platform for biopharmaceutical manufacturing on demand J. Christopher Love (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
                                    Poster Session II (Charles Haynes, Abraham Lenhoff, Brian Kelley)
                                Thursday, July 31, 2014: Keeping the Ship Steady
                                    Next Generation Unit Operations (Philip Lester)
Development and scale-up of the recovery and purification of a domain antibody Fc fusion protein- comparison of a two and three-step platform approach Sibylle Herzer (Bristol-Myers Squibb Company)
Affinity Precipitation of mAbs Using Stimuli Responsive Smart Biopolymers: Methods Development and Process Considerations Rahul Sheth (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Virus purification using osmolyte flocculation Caryn Heldt (Michigan Technological University)
A Unified Process Development Strategy for Batch and Continuous Chromatography Karol M. Lacki (GE Healthcare)
                                    Daily Keynote
Weathering the storm: how we learn from case studies Morrey Atkinson (BMS)
                                    New stationary phases (Conan Fee and Michael Phillips)
Virus capture using membrane chromatography: improving selectivity by matrix design Louis Villain (Sartorius Stedim Biotech)
Potential Controlled Chromatography: Theory and Design of New Separation Modules Matthias Franzreb (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
The Use of 3D Printing in the Study of Packed Bed Microstructures Simone Dimartino (University of Canterbury)
                                    Scale Up/ Scale Down (Ranga Godavarti and Marcel Ottens)
Using CFD to Evaluate Chromatographic Performance in Process Scale Columns Chris Antoniou (Biogen Idec)
Challenges with particulate formation during process scale-up: Scale the unscalable? Nihal Tugcu (Merck & Co., Inc.)
New Challenges for Scale-Down Model Qualifications Annika Kleinjans (Roche)
                                    Tricky Issues Case Studies (Stefan Hepbildikler & Thomas Linden)
Racing Against Time: Novel Methodologies to Study Chromatography Resin Lifetime Bruno Marques (GlaxoSmithKline)
An Intensified Refolding and Downstream Process for a Highly-Expressed Recombinant Protein in E.coli Shuang Chen (Pfizer Inc.)
Do we streamline development or streamline manufacturing? Who says we can’t do both? David Robbins (MedImmune)
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